I just wanna take a moment to apppreciate the small things..

So can I just say, I’m a pretty happy girl right now.. First of all, I have an amazing man who treats me like an absolute princess and does all that he can to make me happy.. We’ve been together for a few months now and to this day he still wakes me with cuddles and brings me breakfast in bed… After a relationship of almost 5 years where the boy didn’t even want to cuddle me in the mornings, this is pretty special to me.. Apart from that, my modelling has finally started going well when I had pretty much given up on it. I got chosen to shoot for a calendar on the weekend and I also won a bikini comp which means I am getting flown to the other side of the country to compete nationally! This will be an amazing, fun filled weekend which im so excited for..  Another thing.. I have finally gotten my passport organised along with a nice savings account which I will use to take a holiday in 3 months time! woohoo.. Anyway, that is me.. happy, happy, happy.. :)

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